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ITFoK 2020 Imagining Communities

In the age of weaponised fake news, disinformation, and unceasing attacks at the idea of culture, what should the role of art and theatre be?

Should theatre bring us to ‘see the whole’ again, act to re-construct over-determined categories of community, society, and the nation? Or should it continue to disrupt these ‘imagined communities’ by reassembling histories, by performing new alignments, calling forth new communities?

ITFoK 2020 will mobilise ‘forms’ to stage this transitive contemporary. It will seek to reflect upon the state of democracy, call attention to alternative voices, and propose different futures or ways to remember. In this spirit, all kinds of performative works are welcome – proscenium plays, performance-readings, live art, promenade theatre, follow-art, site-specific theatre, game-narratives, endurance-art, documentary-theatre, intimate-plays, lecture performances, flash-drama, theatre-on-the-internet, or any other work that experiments with participation, interaction, and the political urgency of live art forms. The intention is to employ the theatric to form a community of interest, to imagine new geographies of space, of body, and of the mind. ITFOK 2020 will imagine our theatre as a deep, horizontal comradeship.

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Amitesh Grover

ITFOK 2020 Festival Director

Amitesh Grover (India, b.1980) studied Live & Digital Arts at University of Arts London, U.K. His work occupies the intermediate space between Theatre, Performance, and Interactive Art. He has created work on Grief, on Sleep, on Happiness, and on several other ephemeral grounds of knowledge. He produces work in interdisciplinary ways, through performances, texts, objects, images, installations, and films. His practice highlights the performative common between society, technology and philosophy. His works are shown internationally at festivals and in theatres, galleries, public spaces, and on the internet.

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