International Theatre Festival Of Kerala 2017

10th International Theatre Festival of Kerala 20-29th January 2018

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Reclaiming the Margins

The ‘marginalized’ are generally described as those who have been isolated, excluded, alienated, or pushed to the edges (margins) of society. The reasons for this are many – poverty, gender, sexuality, race-ethnicity-caste-creed, being indigenous or “tribal”, disability, knowledge – they all bring with them the risk of marginalization.

The term ‘marginalized’ is usually defined keeping a centre in mind. But in doing so exclusively we risk depriving those at the margins of any power, agency or choice. Margins can also be powerhouses of action and articulation. They can be creative spaces, where new art, ideas, performances, languages and landscapes come to life.

The crises we face now as a community, society, and world, are terrifying. Advanced capitalism has alienated us from each other and our planet. The centres of power are no longer central, or singular. They have diversified, adapted, and, most importantly, they are speaking to the fears, doubts and discontentment that people are feeling and offering violent ideologies as solutions. If we are to counter violence, we need radically different ways of understanding and speaking about, and with the world. Our resistances have to be plural and creative and we must be able to reach people in ways that are meaningful and relevant to them. At this critical juncture, it is the margins that will help us recover silenced stories and create new modes of resistance to counter oppressive systems and structures that seek to ‘marginalize’ us.

Reclaiming the Margins is the focus for ITFoK's 10th year. We encourage a variety of genres, performances and creative interpretations of "margins". Through this festival, we hope to highlight the power of the margins as a space for collective reflection, engagement and action: a place where silences are broken, old languages revived, new ones forged, and, a space to make the invisible, visible.

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