Ali- Beyond the Ring


Ali – beyond the ring

Powerful and immersive, Ali- beyond the ring combines spoken word, dance, boxing, Afro-American singing, original footage of Ali’s fights, animation, pyrotechnics and 1970s black pop music. This is a semi-autobiographical exploration of identity, race, religion, and war, is intentionally alienated to reflect struggles of other regions with special reference to contemporary Indian realities.

Center for contemporary art (C4CART) depicts on the stage, the legendary boxing hero Muhammad Ali. This play will focus mainly in three areas his fight against racism, his conversion to Islam and the fight against US Government over the Vietnam War. The story unfolds his raise from a normal boy to the great boxing champion and then to a model humanist. This romantic heroic plot will be set as rhythmic physical performance. The play starts with the lighting of Atlanta Olympic torch by a shivering Ali and then to his childhood challenges and the dramatic spark to learn fighting to beat the thief who took away is bicycle. Throughout the play, the music band gives the socio-political reflection during the civil right movement. Then play develops to winning Olympic medal and then throwing it to Ohio River as an outburst over racial discrimination’. His heavyweight championship fights and conversion to Islam. Ali’s fight with the United States government for the right not to participate in the Vietnam War is detailed in the climax of the play.

The play will be staged to environmental theatre design. Conceptually the form is near to theatre of cruelty. A team of musicians will be performing live throughout the play to capture Ali’s passion for Afro-American music. Rhythmic movements will provide seamless transitions for emotional continuity for the play. The musical genre of play shall be a blend of rhythm & blues and reggae. The intentional alienation in music with struggle songs originated from  different parts of the world will place the highlight of the form.


About the Director

Joy P.P, Artistic Director, Center for Contemporary art, To practice theater to the maximum limit of artistic excellence, improving craft and thoughts on each production avoiding imitation and repetition.

  • Written 28 plays and directed 17 plays
  • Excellent creativity and knowledge of play /drama production
  • Skilled in editing scripts and explaining the necessity of changes to the scriptwriters
  • Excellent understanding of lighting and theatrical music
  • Familiar with the sound effect and how to use it for maximum impact
  • Creative costume designer


About the Group:

Center for Contemporary Art (C 4 CART)

Center for contemporary art is an organization of creative persons in Kochi. It includes writers filmmakers theater personalities artists actors musicians sculptors etc .it is envisaged as a space for open talks performances discussions rehearsals and screenings. Any creative persons are welcomed here to showcase his or her production to a larger audience. Its vision is to develop and produce an eclectic range of modern works and mould extra-ordinary talents through mutual exchange of ideas. In that process, it will cross art forms and transcend genres. For the past two years, we have conducted various cultural activities that includes felicitation to literary award winners, world theater day celebrations, book releases, film screenings, presentation of theatre and musical performances, discussion of books, acting and art workshops, children’s theater camps etc to name a few. Immini ballya onnu, a play written and directed by notable theater personality Unni Poonithura who is a founder member of this group is our first major theater production. It is well received by theater lovers across Kerala. Apart from short plays and one-man shows, our next major production is on the way. The center is designed to facilitate a state of the art video library which is a rarity in our state will be available to persons to watch any video content of their wish.