Bad City  Directed by Pawel Szkotak

The performance is inspired by the events of social unrest from the beginning of the 20th century. In a number of black and white dynamic images, as if taken from the first black and white movies, it pictures the city during the industrial development and features social divisions, growing inequality, poverty of the working class, prosperity of capitalists, riots and their backlash. It is a universal story of the progress which has different faces and different contexts. The performance focuses on the poorest, quickly growing class of workers, deprived of the basic rights, of means to live, of human dignity. Their life in the spreading of working-class districts is rapidly deteriorating. All these factors trigger the rebellion against the rich, which is brutally suppressed.

The split into the rich and the poor is a supra-cultural and timeless phenomenon. Only the stage, the tools, and forms of protest change. It usually is just not the demand for food or payment. More often it is the fight for the human dignity and the protest against being treated as unfavorable, second-rate beings. This performance is the homage for those who reacted to inequality, often lost their lives in the fight for social justice, and to whom we owe contemporary European human rights.

The Group

The company was founded in 1988 in Poznan, Poland by the director Pawel Szkotak. The intention was and is to create new modes of expression, to explore and extend the possibilities of theatre art. They also strive to increase their awareness of the life of different communities. Their mission has always been to reach out to new audiences, especially those who, because of their underprivileged social and political background, would normally not have access to artistic events. With this particular aim in mind, they created numerous open-air performances. They also establish links between artists and artistic organisations, as well as provide training opportunities: workshops and master classes providing training for people from a wide and varied range of theatrical backgrounds., working in association with schools/colleges and centres of higher education and facilitating forums/events where issues concerning theatre can be raised, debated and developed.

Performances by the company have been presented in 50 countries all over the world: Argentina, Australia, Brasil, Colombia, Cuba, Egypt, India, Iran, Israel, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Palestine, Singapore, Taiwan, the United States of America, Urugway and in most European countries.

Cast and Credits

Marta Strzalko
Bartosz Borowski
Lukasz Kowalski
Jaroslaw Siejkowski
Tomasz Wrzalik