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Bombay Sketches

(Malayalam, Duration: 90 Min)
Group: New Bombay Keraleeya Samaj, Mumbai

About the Play

Bombay is a city that compresses the time and space smaller than the miniscule. The city with its frozen tears, untold pain and the sighs scared to breathe out give a different perspective to its humanity. It talks about a different politics. That is too politics of the trodden, politics of those who lose their shelters, politics of those who gets exploited and that of the women who is a commodity always. That’s why this city is red. That red starts from the rural like a blood stain of the exploited; it is evolves like the red of the displaced; and it terrifies the city as a silent scream. Nothing can replace the life of Bombay which forgets the violent blast of a Killer Bomb overnight. That is why the Bombay is a synonym of Red. ‘Bombay sketches’ is a few illustrations drawn by that blood.

About the Group

New Bombay KeraleeyaSamaj( NBKS) established in 1984, is a premier socio cultural organization in Navi Mumbai. During these 28 years, NBKS endeavored to enrich the social and cultural life of Nerul and to effectively project the art and culture of Kerala to the people of Nerul, Navi Mumbai as well as to the outside world. It aims at promoting activities for national integration, social welfare, educational advancement, women’s empowerment and fostering a sense of fraternity among the people without any barrier of religion, caste, creed, politics or social status.

Its activities focuses to develop and maintain a forum for Malayalees to come together to celebrate preserve and promote the rich traditions and cultural values of Kerala in the cultural space of Mumbai. It also focuses to share this vision with the younger generations and engage them into the creative and innovative activities addressing the present time.

About the Director

Acclaimed theatre director K S Prashant Narayanan hails from Arimboor in Thrissur district. He was actively involved in theatre activities at College and University level. After his experience at rural theatre scenario, he has been working in amateur theatre for last 12 years.

His lead role in more than 60 dramas like ‘Sathyan’ in KSNA award winning drama ‘Njaayarazhcha’, ‘Jerry’ in drama Zoo Story’, as ‘Ravanan’ in ‘Lankalakshmi’, ‘Vridhan’ in ‘Khoshayatra’ have received huge appreciation. He has scripted around 10 dramas like Final Judgement, Rose to Recession, Vishnu etc and won critical acclaim.He has participated in renowned theatre festivals like META, NSD festival, PRD festival, ITFOK etc. He has attended work shops lead by the theatre celebrities like OhaniaKyanaPyuha, T.V. Balakrishnanand PrabeerGuha. He is associated with the leading theatre group at Trichur as actor and director. In the Abudhabi theatre competition the play Nakhashikhandam directed btPrasantNaraynan won 8 awards including the Best actor. The play Bombay Sketches directed by PrasanthNarayanan won the national award for the Best play award in 2018.

About the Playwright

Ramachachandran K has been an active presence in the field of performing arts, both visual and aural, for over two and half decades. He is a founder member and principal mentor of Keli, a 27 year old Mumbai based cultural organization. He has written the plays Mangaattachan, Krishnapaksham, Mruthyunjayam, Mumbay Sketches etc. He has done many art projects and successful festivals in partnership with Prithvi for almost a decade. He was an active member in the theatre forum formed under the leadership of Sanjna Kapoor. In the theatre festival ‘’ Vaikhari ‘’that he has organized in 2002 in Mumbai, a retrospective of Thuppettan the legendary playwright from Kerala was presented. Other plays were ‘’Labour Room’’ a production of the women’s theatre group from Kerala and ‘’Madhyatharanyaazhi’’. He was the curator for the cultural programs for the first two editions of Kochi Muziris Biennale. He has directed 7 documentaries focussing on the traditional and classical performing arts of Kerala.

Directors’ Note

Just as important as to how a play communicates, it’s also important as to what is being communicated. The language of presentation should be simple, yet leave enough scope for interpretation. What echoes the essence of modern life, interprets such a large metro. The scenes in ‘Bombay Sketches’ explore the possibilities of art, meandering from Raja Ravi Varma to Picasso and Richard Prince, as art walks ahead of us.Seen here is a confluence of simplicity of expression and naturality. Both silence and cacophony equally define Bombay. When the dramatist talks of the angst of wasted, devastated lives, his language becomes that of the spirit. The scenes imbibe the blood that flows from the city’s dizzying heights to the wastelands that are its mines. The play’s language becomes intense and pitiful at the same time. It is enriched by the union of loaded experience with a compelling visual articulation.

Time Schedule

23rd January 2020 @ 7:00 pm


Actor Murali Open Theatre

Director: K S Prasanth Narayanan

Cast & Credit

Script: Keli Ramachandran
Assistant Direction: Sivanandan Kuttippala,
Vishnu Prasad
Lighting: Sanesh K D
Scenography: Francis Chirayath , Shinoj Asokan
Music: Henson Anto, Sathyajith, Nijil Das,
Midhun Malayalam
Technician Assistance: Ravi, Rajan Putharakkal,
Rajith A S
Director : Prasanth Narayan

On Stage

Shijin V K, Nikhil E,  Suneep S Kulakkuzhi, Sarath premarajan, P R Sanjai, Vishnupriya K T, Vincy Jeemon, Abhinav Harindranath, Sreeraj Rajan Warrier, Vidhya Rakesh, Karan Rakesh, Latha Rameshan, Ramya Rameshan, Dhanya Rameshan, Sarath Sivanandan, Christina Varughese, Kavya Jayaprakash, Ramani amma, Darsh Premlal, Jayaprakash PD