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Kala Dhabba Badal Ki Tarah Aa Raha Hai

(Hindustani, Duration: 55 Min)
Group: Other Theatre, Bhopal

About the Play:

Play Kala Dhabba Badal Ki Tarah Aa Raha hai starts with two actors confronting the audience around them in an open space with the pieces of flesh on the table. They ask the audience what is bhediya? Have they seen bhediya preying on someone? They shout ‘trace of blood’ and run. The audience follows them. Into a big hall, Kharu is stabbing a knife into marble balls and declares there is nothing as dangerous as bhediya in this world. Four characters Laali, Pabto, Bhoori, and Boyi( Kharu’s father) emerge from behind a brick wall.

We get to know Kharu and his father belongs to Banjara(gypsy) community and these girls are Nataniya (another de notified tribe involved in street performances). They were eaten up by bhediye. As the story unfolds we see bhediye chasing them in their travel to Punjab and in that struggle, all four of them except Kharu get killed. Kharu as the only survivor has devoted his life to the revenge of his loss. The play ends with Kharu’s confession with the graves of his father and three Nataniya before him.

About the Group:

In 2012 with the quest of alternative art practice young artists formed a collective in Bhopal (m.p.) and named it Other Theatre. Since then Other Theatre has organized workshops on movements, dance, and theatre and has produced various theatre performances. In its practices, Another Theatre has always tried to broaden the definition of form. Other theatre has produced plays like what’s happening (based on Charles Baudelaire’s poetry), Antigone (Sophocles), last day of a condemned man (Victor Hugo), Bade Bade Pankhon Wala Boodha (adaptation of Marquez’ A very old man with enormous wings) and End Game (Samuel Beckett)  and has traveled to various cities with it.

About the Director:

an alumnus of the national school of drama with specialization in direction Avijit Solanki is from Bhopal. His debut play as a director was an adaptation of Tagore’s Daakghar in Gondi Language. After completing his diploma from Madhya Pradesh

School of Drama in 2012 he founded Other Theatre.  As a director his few plays are Daakghar, Antigone, Bade Bade pankhon wala boodha, Kucch Vakya, Jaadui Macchi, Ismat ki id,Kala Dhabba Badal ki Tarah Aa Raha hai etc. He has worked with children belonging to deferent backgrounds and communities. Avijit has conducted workshops on the theatre of oppressed and created forum theatre performances amongst communities. He likes to listen to and narrate stories.

Cast & Credit

Scenography – Nitish Arora
Light Design – Sarthak Narula
Costume Design – Rachna Gupta
Video Projection – Saras Kumar
Saxophone – Rahul Kumar
Drums – Vikesh Bisht
Publicity Design – Nitish Arora
Sound operation – Ankit Gupta
Dramaturgical Advice – Sandeep, Nitish Arora
Original story  – Bhuvneshwar Prasad
Dramaturgy & Direction  –  Avijit Solanki

Time Schedule

28th January 2020 @ 7:00 pm


Actor Murali Open Theatre

On Stage

Sarfaraz Ali Mirza, Bhagyashree Tarke, Rachna Gupta, Susheel Kant Mishra, Meenakshi Thapa,Ravi Chahar, Paramanand, Badal Singh, Parag Barua, Pradeep Gautam, Akshay Wadera, Kamalpreet Singh, Jordan, Vishal, Ankit Ambavat, Tejendra, Suraj Kumar, Dhananjay Sharma, Tapan Kosh, Akshay Kumar,Ramjeet Yadav, Ashish Kumar Nayak, Tushar Karan, Deepak Pandey, Pankaj Verma, Sahil Khanna,Abhishek, Manjeet Kumar, Akash Shrivastav, Rajat Thakral, Abhay Kumar, Shivam Bansal, Siddharth mehra, Akash Shrivastav, Akki, Rajat Thakral, Abhay Kumar

Director: Avijit Solanki