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No Rest in the Kingdom

(English, Duration: 60 Min)
Group: Sandbox Collective, Bangalore

About the Play

No Rest in the Kingdom’, a devised, physical theatre performance, came out of the need to have a conversation about the daily and dangerous misogynist we are complicit in perpetrating. The performance looks at the female performer’s body as a site of protest and allows it to embody characters — male, female and feline – that imagines itself as fluid and empowered. A dark comedy, ‘No Rest in The Kingdom’ draws from the lives of urban characters who speak similar languages of consumerism and technology. Young and old men and women who are themselves baffled at this ‘gender question’ often find themselves walking on thin ice, oblivious, and sometimes very aware of the dangerous biases they hold. The laughter often received is both ludicrous and uncomfortable — often times knowing — that the outrageous world of inequities we inhabit is very much within us.

About The Group

Sandbox Collective is a creative services organisation that curates, produces and tours performances. It acts as a catalyst facilitating meaningful collaborations nationally and internationally between artists, cultural agencies and arts spaces creating an explosion of innovative artistic expression.

About the Director

Deepika Arwind, playwright and director of this play, is a theatre-maker based in Bangalore, who works under the banner of The Lost Post Initiative, a fluid collective that collaborates with diverse artists, mostly around gender. She has won, and been nominated for, several awards for her work. Her current shows (touring internationally) include No Rest in the Kingdom (produced by Sandbox Collective); and i am not here, designed as an 8-step guide in how to censor women’s writing (supported by the Goethe-Institut, MMB.) She has been part of many international artist residences and collaborations (Germany, France, USA) and is the author of the children’s book Sarayu (Le Cosmographe Éditions; 2018).

Director’s Note

Masculinity in South Asia—especially India—is asserted and celebrated widely. Its conventional manifestations are varied and dangerous, infecting different aspects of everyday living. Whether through the perpetration of rape culture in cinema and politics, or the palpable anxiety of the female body on the street, masculinity occupies oppressively large spaces, literally and figuratively.
No Rest in the Kingdom was a born from the desire to embody and subvert expressions of this masculinity through the body of a female performer. How might her body, alone and vulnerable, serve as a metaphor for gender insensitivity and antagonism? How can her body transform into multiple sites of protest and how can humour, irreverence and playfulness become her primary weapons of dissent and opposition?

This show has travelled to find resonance in different countries despite its specific location in India, because its characters are archetypes of ‘masculinities’ familiar across cultures. It causes discomfort, sometimes scepticism. It breeds introspection and provokes conversations.

Cast & Credit

Written, directed and performed by Deepika Arwind
Sound designed by Nikhil Nagaraj
Lighting designed by Sujay Saple
Lighting executed by Bharavi
Production managed by Shruti Rao
Art, Props and Stage Manager: Shruti Rao
Produced by Sandbox Collective

Time Schedule

24th January 2020 @ 2:00 pm


25th January 2020 @ 2:00 pm

Time Schedule

Thoppil Bhasi Black Box

Director: Deepika Aravind

Photo Credit: Aram Vartian

Photo Credit (Director) : Aram Vartian
Photo Credit (Play) : Richa Bhavanam