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Old Man and Sea

(Malayalam, Duration: 90 Min)
Group: Remembrance Theatre, Kerala

About the Play

The Old Man and the Sea is a story of a poor and unlucky old Cuban fisherman, Santiago, who knows with his own example that only a person with willpower and determination can become a warrior, and demonstrates how a warrior emerges and how he resists invisible forces. Manolin, who wishes to gift a blanket, dress, and pair of shoes, medicine and food to the old man during winter, is a pointer to the future and attainment of dreams. “Let the luck get lost, I’ve lots of things to learn from you.” These words of Manolin show the meaningful convergence of two generations. When Fidel achieves the charm that the old generation fails to taste, we hear the same disturbing voice that comes from Santiago when he creates a resistance by raising his hands after pulling out the harpoons from the helm, when he gets hurt by the nails of the harpoons. “Sharks, you can destroy me, but you can’t defeat me.” Santiago is an old fisherman and Manolin is a young boy, who is also his friend, student and helper. They go fishing in the sea daily, but even after forty days they don’t get a catch. Manolin’s parents force him to leave Santiago and fish with more successful fishermen. Santiago continues his fishing alone without luck for eighty four days. The next day a big Marlin fish swallows the bait. After a great struggle the old man conquers the Marlin and sails back to the shore victorious. However, blood from the injured Marlin spreads in the water and sharks attack. When the old man finally reaches the shore, only the huge skeleton of the Marlin is left. Santiago’s struggle depicts the act of living with hope and never-ending enthusiasm. It becomes the struggle of the third world nations, of the oppressed and suppressed. Author Ernest Hemingway received the Nobel Prize for literature for the Old Man and the Sea.

About the Group

Remembrance Theatre Group (RTG) kicked off its theatre activities by performing ten plays of Kerala’s amateur theatre groups which was named 10 Remembrance Theatre Festival. Campus theatre personnel of NSS Engineering College, Palakkad and theatre artists from various districts of Kerala founded the group in 2003. The Old Man and the Sea (performed in Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards, Bharat Rang Mahotsav, PRD Festival, and KSNA Festival), Kovilante Makan, Death Watch, Dumb Dancer, Harvest, and now Macbeth and Balcony are some of the notable productions. RTG believes firmly that theatre is a political social cultural activity and therefore the group takes every possible step in encouraging theatre ensembles. RTG continues its activities in and around Trichur, Calicut, Bangalore, Doha, Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

About the Director

Sasidharan Naduvil was born in 1963 in a remote village named Vallachira in Thrissur district, Kerala. From his childhood, he was fond of theatre and performed many dramas during his educational period. Later in 1980s, he became a disciple of Jose Chirammel and joined the Root Theatre Group, one of the renowned theatre group in Kerala by theatre activist Chirammel. Being a theatre person for the last 35 years, Sasidharan acted in more than 12 plays, wrote 27 and directed more than 400 plays. He has been awarded as the best director more than 300 times.
In the first edition of ITFoK (International Theatre Festival of Kerala) in Thrissur, Kerala, got opportunity to direct Mudrarakshasam representing Kerala. He was awarded as Best Director two times and Best Script in Kerala State Amatuer Theatre Festival by KSNA in 2014. He has won inter-university drama competition eleven times for various universities of Kerala including South Zone and National Festival.

Directors’ Note

Based on Ernest Hemingway’s famous novel, The Old Man and the Sea, the main characters in the story are an old man named Santiago and Manolin, a young boy, friend, and supporter of Santiago. Santiago is an old fisherman coming from a coastal village in Cuba. Manolin was his helper. Every day they went to the sea but even after forty days they could not get a single fish. So Manolin’s parents forced him to part with Santiago and fish with more successful fishermen. Eighty four days passed without getting a fish yet Santiago’s mind was with full of optimism. He started again and on the third day a big Marlin fish swallowed the fishing hook and after a great struggle the old man conquered the Marlin and sailed back to the shore. But the blood of the injured Marlin spread in the water and a lot of sharks followed the skiff to eat the Marlin. The old man fought against the sharks and when he finally he reached the shore, only the huge skeleton of the Marlin was left. Santiago’s struggle depicts the act of living with hope and never-ending enthusiasm. It is also a story of friendship between the old man and his young friend Manolin. The struggle also displays the third world nations struggle for their existence. It is the struggle of the oppressed and suppressed.

Time Schedule

27th January 2020 @ 7:00 pm


Actor Murali Open Theatre

Director: Sasidharan Naduvil