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Silver Epidemic

(Portugese, Duration: 60 Min)
Group: Companhia Mungunzá de Teatro, Brazil

About the Play

The spectacle “Silver Epidemic” unites two different narratives: the personal vision from the actors about the real characters they’ve met in their current residence in Crackland, and the Medusa’s Mith, in which people are transformed into stone. In the development of the narrative the actors go, little by little, getting silver until they’re completely covered up in silver powder by the end of the play. Full of images and mostly performatic and kinesthetic, the Silver Universe in the play, assumes a greater range of meaning: its color it is the crack stone color when lighten up, its light brings it up the shine and the necessity of being seen by a society that ignores certain ghettos, its designation it is an indicator of wealth, money. Traveling through its meaning, the actors execute an enormous quantity of performances that dismantle stigmatized characters by society, sharing the feeling of petrification in front of everything.

About The Group

Cia. Mungunzá develops for 10 years a research that is focused in contemporary Theatre. Where its organization, production and creative process are executed by 7 artists that, besides the theatrical spectacles, has the proposition of a constant reflection about the social and cultural universe. They work with different directors. Therefore, each spectacle is a“distinct aesthetic encounter”. In the spectacles, the company focus on the polyphony and hybridism of the artistic languages. Using the staging as playwriting and the performatic act as acting. Instigating the artistic act as political and social exercise.Back in 2017, the group has built the Teatro de Contêiner Mungunzá. It is a theater made of 11 containers, that develops a social mediation with drugs addicts and homeless people. Gathers different niches and collaborates to the demystification of social cultural stigmas and unities initiatives that works in a city’s favor.

Director’s Note

Epidemic silver is a small theatrical tour. In this tour, poetry like a mouse must squeeze through the corners to overcome a metal sky. The boy responds – when asked why his body is painted silver to ask for alms – that silver gives more silver. He means that being silver, being metal, and all the readings resulting from it, is of more value and deserves more care than being flesh and blood. The way the current system travels without return and without exit is that of the consolidation of the individual that is pure matter incommunicable, impermeable and insensitive. And like a machine made to jam, this system must be destroyed because it does not move anymore and therefore is the death of intelligence, of sensitivity, of what is subtle, of what is alive.

Cast & Credit

Director: Georgette Fadel
Production: Cia Mungunzá de Teatro
Playwright Supervision: Verônica Gentilin
Translator: Letícia Rodrigues
Co-Director: Cris Rocha
Asst. Director: Djalma Amaral
Body Preperation: Juliana Moraes
Video Maker: Flavio Barollo
Stage Architecture: Leonardo Akio e Lucas Beda
Costume Design: Cris Rocha e Sandra Modesto
Lighting Design: Pedro Augusto

On Stage

Gustavo Sarzi,
Leonardo Akio,
Lucas Beda,
Marcos Felipe,
Pedro Augusto,
Verônica Gentilin e
Virginia Iglesias

Time Schedule

20th January 2020 @ 7:00 pm

Repeat on

21st January 2020 @ 7:00 pm


Actor Murali Open Theatre

Director: Georgette Fadel

Georgette Fadel