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Told by the Wind

(English, Duration: 55 Min)
Group: The Llanarth Group, United Kingdom

About the Play
Two figures, two lives, multiple time spaces: TOLD BY THE WIND is a new performance of movement and text that ‘dances’ an inner landscape. Inspired by ‘theatre of quietude’ and String Theory, stories are evoked and told by embodied silences, splintered interactions, and slowed down motion. Intimate and meditative, it is a requiem for the unseen; a poignant duet for two figures who never physically meet. The audience is invited into a time ‘out of time’ evoking a landscape of memory and meetings…somewhere…sometime…

About the Group
Founded in 2000, The Llanarth Group is an association of theatre/performance artists dedicated to producing international/intercultural theatre and performance work of the highest quality such as our critically acclaimed co-created performances: Told by the Wind and playing ‘the maids’. Phillip Zarrilli is Founding Artistic Director, and Kaite O’Reilly is resident playwright/dramaturg. The Llanarth Group produces new work on a project basis. All our new work premieres in Wales, and tours nationally/internationally. We focus each performance on a specific question, issue, or set of aesthetic beginning points. Each new performance brings together a specific group of collaborators relevant to the purpose and aesthetic of that project. We also produce work specifically focused on issues in/around disability, such as the 2016 world premiere production of Kaite O’Reilly’s Cosy (Wales Millennium Centre) and the 2018 production of richard III redux co-written by O’Reilly and Zarrilli for performer and disability activist Sara Beer.

About the Creators
Phillip Zarrilli is Founding Artistic Director of The Llanarth Group (2000). He is internationally known as a director, actor, actor/performer trainer and author. He lived in Kerala for seven years between 1976-1993, and has developed a unique form of pre-performative psychophysical training combining kalarippayattu, yoga, and taiqiquan to focus the actor’s attention, open the actor’s sensory awareness, and ‘attune’ the actor to the subtle inner and outer domains of their performance work. His award-winning Psychophysical Acting  documents his approach: 2010 ATHE (USA) ‘outstanding book of the year award’. Recent international directing includes the Irish premiere of Kaite O’Reilly’s Cosy with Gaitkrash for the Cork Midsummer Festival, 2019; Footfalls/Play by Beckett for The National Theatre Company (Costa Rica, 2017), restaged at The National Theatre (Costa Rica, 2018); world premiere of O’Reilly’s the 9 fridas for Taipei Arts Festival (2014), restaged for the Hong Kong Rep International Festival (2016); and Ota Shogo’s The Water Station for Nordland Teater (Norway, 2015). He has collaborated extensively with bharatanatyam dancers/choreographers Gitanjali Kolanad (Walking Naked) and Stella Subbiah (Dance of the Drunken Monk, Sangalpam, UK). www.phillipzarrilli.com

Kaite O’Reilly is a multi-award winning poet, playwright and dramaturg. Prizes include the Peggy Ramsay Award (YARD The Bush Theatre, London), Best Play at Manchester Theatre Awards (Perfect, Contact Theatre) and Theatre-Wales Awards (peeling, Graeae Theatre) and the Ted Hughes Award for new works in Poetry for Persians for National Theatre Wales. She received an Honorary Commendation for The ‘d’ Monologues (UK/Singapore) from the International Elliot Hayes Award for Outstanding Achievement in Dramaturgy. Widely published and produced, she works internationally, her work translated into eleven languages. A leading figure in the UK’s disability arts movement, she is known for her pioneering work in disability culture and the aesthetics of access. Books include Atypical Plays for Atypical Actors, The ‘d’ Monologues(for D/deaf and disabled actors), both published by Oberon, and Persians, published in 2019 by Fair Acre Press. She is the resident dramaturg for The Llanarth Group. www.kaiteoreilly.com

 Jo Shapland: a mature artist producing work in a variety of media. Essentially her work is dance, whether through the flow of change in materials and objects, film imagery or the body moving through space. Fundamental concerns are with relating and responding to nature and a desire to witness through the body. Site-specific projects range from ruined farm-buildings to traditional proscenium theatres, from natural wilderness to urban architectural interiors. Jo has a long-term interest in art and theatre’s roots in ritual and offering. From a widening sky of possibilities she works towards distilled simplicity. Originally trained as a contemporary dancer, she now practices Asian martial and meditation arts, aerial circus and improvisation. Recent work: ‘Curatrix’- researching rite and ceremony through nature connection and creation of art; Bread and Goose – Movement Director; ‘Being in Place’ – Creative Wales Major Award winner; [in]scape 5-year residency, TheMostyn, Wales. Performance/collaboration: Charlotte Vincent, Sean Tuan John, Aletta Collins, U-Man Zu Theatre. https://mantroi.wordpress.com/ https://vimeo.com/mantroi

 The Creators’ Note

The audience will be invited to slow down, listen, and ‘breathe’ with the performers…engaging a process of dynamic imagining, in the midst of ‘quietude’:

“The underlying principle of quietude is what the Japanese [playwright] Ota Shogo terms ‘the power of passivity.’ Passivity in art refers to the making of aesthetic distance. Instead of trying to aggressively transmit meaning to the audience, passivity exercises a spirit of ‘self reliance’…that compels the audience to attend, focus and participate imaginatively in the pursuit of signification, meaning, and pleasure. Passivity thus paradoxically engages the audience in a dynamic exchange of energy”

The Aesthetics of Quietude by Mari Boyd

Time Schedule

20th January 2020 @ 8:30 pm


21st January 2020 @ 2:00 pm


Thoppil Bhasi Black Box

Director: Phillip Zarrilli

Cast & Credit

Phillip Zarrilli- performer/co-creator
Kaite O’Reilly- dramaturg, co-creator, outside eye
Jo Shapland- (performer/co-creator)