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Tree of Death

(Polish, Duration: 100 Min)
Group: Pijana Sypialnia Theatre

About the Play

Inspiration to create this spectacle was s Polish legend of the magical pear tree: since in this tree the Lady Death was imprisoned – people in the world do not die. Creators using the oratorio with grotesque language make fantasies about the meaning of dreams, longing and love in the world in which death does not exist. However, we do not give in to the minor mood, thanks to the exaggerated and comic characters of the show in the absurd reality created on the stage and the surreal dark humor. Listen to the soothing buzz of bees and rest in our gazebo under the pear tree – there is no death! So are there no worries as well?

About the Group

Pijana Sypialnia Theatre is the largest independent theater in Poland, founded in spring 2012 in Warsaw by actors, dancers, musicians and singers. Currently, the team consists of over 100 artists working in the acting section, the Philharmonic, the Choir and the Dance Team.
Spectacles and concerts realized by Pijana Sypialnia (Drunken Bedroom) are presented in traditional theater halls, but equally often in surprising post-industrial spaces and outdoors. The theatre won its recognition and publicity by its own series “Theater on the sunbeds”, in which performances are shown in fashionable, summer spots all over Poland.

Critics and experts appreciate Pijana Sypialnia for their musical culture and original repertoire inspired by forgotten theater conventions and folklore. In Poland it is said about „Pijana Sypialnia phenomenon”, “vintage theater”. They always perform with live music.

The theater performs at the invitation of the hosts of prestigious places and organizers of opinion-forming events, including: International Street Theater Festival in Krakow, International Theater Festival WALIZKA, Zamosc Theater Summer, Stary Browar in Poznań, Polish Radio Concert Studio, Arkadia in Warsaw. Pijana Sypialnia won a lot of prestigious awards on festivals in Poland, now we are looking for some opportunities abroad.

About the Playwright

Sławomir Narloch, Pijana Sypialnia’s president, founder of the theatre, actor and director. Born in 1991. Currently a student of Directing at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Director of concerts such as “City / Village” at the Polish Radio Concert Studio and spectacles “Wesele” based on Stanislaw Wyspianski’s drama with over 100 artists. Playwright of „Klapsy” and „Latarnik”. The originator of “Theater Workshops for Adults” – a series of meetings at Warsaw club cafés, during which adults learn the basics of acting. The workshop turned into an independent acting studio of Pijana Sypialnia Theate

About the Director

Stanisław Dembski is actor, director, theater educator. Born in 1958. He played in STU Theater, KTO Theater in Krakow and Norwid Theater in Jelenia Góra. He participated many times in acting workshops in France, Germany, England, Austria and international festivals in Strasbourg, Bonn, Cologne, Stockholm, Bordeaux, Brussels, Vienna, Seville, Lille, Arkhangelsk. He also played in films and television productions (including The Nanny – TV series, Szymon Majewski Show). His theater groups are laureates of nationwide festivals: START ’88 in Poznań, Theatrical Feast in Horyniec Zdroj, FAMA Academic Youth Festival, Barborka Theater Meetings, Children and Youth Theater Forum in Poznań, Bialoleka Dressing Room, Student Theater Festival in Warsaw, OFTEN National Festival of Independent Theaters in Ostrow Wielkopolski. He received the title of the Instructor of the Year in the “Closer to the Theater” competition and awards for the pedagogical work awarded by Education Curators in Krakow and Warsaw. He is a graduate of the Theater Knowledge Department at the Theatre Academy in Warsaw.

Directors’ Note

The starting point for the production of the show was the Polish legend of a magical pear tree that nobody can come down from. One day, Death entered the tree and from then, people couldn’t die. I found this as a very interesting topic and together with the playwright Slawomir we created a symbolic spectacle full of music.

What would our lives look like if Death did not exist? What would motivate us to act, to live? What would be the meaning of love and friendship? How people would confront with each other, with the nature and the whole universe? I wanted to evoke in the audience such reflections and tame them with death. I wanted to emphasize that it is an indispensable part of life. From the choir of mourners from time to time an individual appears and tell us about his or her search for the sense and purpose of existence on earth, which is only a small part of the cosmos, they talk about longing for love and the desire to love and be loved. Most often we see On and Ona, a couple, which is struggling to communicate in this strange world.

The performance is full of references to Polish folk culture, to the beliefs and habits of our grandmothers. The scenography is very minimalistic – each prop should stimulate the spectator’s imagination, once we are in a garden full of bees, once in a crowded subway or in a charming gazebo. A very important element of the performance is live music – beautiful melodies and wise texts of psalms complete the oneiric image of the spectacle.

Time Schedule

28th January 2020 @ 4:00 pm


29th January 2020 @ 4:00 pm


KT Mohamed Regional Theatre

Director: Stanisław Dembski

Cast & Credit

Director: Stanislaw Dembski
Assistant Director: Jan Bogdaniuk
Music Director: Magdalena Czuba
Conductor: Daniel Zielinski
Tour Manager: Blanka Miętkiewicz
Technical Support: Aleksandra Iwanowska, Maciej Majczyna

On Stage

Aleksandra Dudczak
Jan Bogdaniuk
Magdalena Czuba
Wojciech Gawrych
Adam Hadi
Klara Chauvin
Aleksandra Gajek
Paweł Wieliczko
Jakub Pawlak
Blanka Miętkiewicz
Natalia Zakrocka