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Veendum Bhagavante Maranam

(Malayalam, Duration: 100 Min)
Group: Kanal Samskarika Vedhi, Thiruvanathapuram

About the Play

This play is a dramatic adaptation of K.R.Meera’s short story. The hundred minute play “Veendum Bhagavante Maranam” depicts the problems that arise when a Theatre group attempts to dramatize this story which was written by K.R.Meera as a reaction to the assassination of the renowned writer Kalburgy. In this story, the character Prof. Bhagavan gets killed by religious extremists for his progressive thinking and open speeches. The play derived from portions of Meera’s story to highlight the violence committed upon people who speak against the ills prevailing in the society. There is another parallel drama in play in this production wherein the attempt of a theatre group to stage this story is portrayed. But here, the inner politics and ideological differences of the actors come out. The play also is a reminder that every actor of the stage who is destined to present for the audience moral stories has to subject his own life to introspection. The play and the metaplay showcase the oppressive tactics of the ruling system, whether it is state or central, and even religion and caste. Also, both the plays state the same truth – the bullets never stop, Bhagavans get murdered again and again, but only to be reborn again and again!

About the Group

Kanal Samskarika Vedhi is a cultural organization by the alumni students of Centre for Performing and Visual Arts, formed to promote the cultural and artistic talents of youth and interested persons. The organization has been working in Kerala for the last ten years and was patronized by the late Dr. Vayala Vasudevan Pillai. Every year the organization is awarding ‘Dr. Vayala Vasudevan Pillai Kanal Puraskaram’ for the eminent theatre persons of Kerala in memory of Dr. Vayala Vasudevan Pillai. Kanal’s play CHIMERA, SWARNA SIMHASANAM, TIME BOMB, THE TRAP won several critical applauses and has participated in different National festivals across India including Theatre Olympics 2018. Among the nine play choosen by the Central Government for staging outside India “KIMARTHAM DRAUPATHY” (Sanskrit) is the only play from South India. Kanal Samskarika Vedhi also facilitated a number of theatre workshops and theatre performances all over Kerala. Now actively involved in conducting performance oriented discussions and various competitions for both school and college level students, and introducing various foreign and native dramas to the public. This organization has already been published collection of dramas ‘Pachakkodi’ and ‘swanthamveedu’ which was written by the members of this organization itself. ‘Kanal Pusthakashala, which is the only publication to be published performing arts related books. “Kanal pusthakashala” Published India’s first “Theatre Calendar 2018” & “Theatre Calendar 2018” which is marked the veteran theatre personalities life and important theatre related dates.

About the Director

Hazim Amaravila is a trained actor, director, sound editor and research scholar in theatre arts. He holds M. A. Journalism and Mass Communication, M.A. Philosophy and M.Phil Theatre Arts and Film Aesthetics under the guidance of Dr. Vayala Vasudevan Pillai. He has participated across hundred theatre productions all over India including National and International Festivals. He got many theatre related awards and appreciations. Now he is holding the post of Assistant Professor in Performing arts at Kerala University College of Teacher Education, Anchal. He is the member secretary of Kanal Samskarika Vedhi. “Veendum Bhagavante Maranam” is his 3rd major production. Before that he finished the projects of ‘Chimera’ and ‘Swarnnasimhasanam”.

Director’s Note

It is my belief that Art should always be contemporary. It should be possible to contribute something better to the existing life conditions and thoughts through the medium of Arts. Only then will Art be able to situate itself in the society as the harbinger of change and also remain perennially modern. Otherwise it will be washed away to oblivion by the tides of change. When Theatre becomes evolutionary and contemporary, we find ourselves unable to compromise with many things round us. We need to wage a relentless and ruthless war against the existing structures of Power, Religion and Politics as well as the prevalent class consciousness. “Veendum Bhagavante Maranam” is an introspective and self-critical play. It sets a platform whereupon a person can look into his own self and discover for himself where he stands as a human being, removed from all religious, casteist and political thoughts and considerations. The Stage is Truth itself. Hence the Actor, when he is standing on the stage, is required to be truthful, honest. When we attempt to purify the audience through a work of art, we too should get cleansed in the process. And this exactly is the reason why the actors in this play shout out at the top of their voices, “Theatre is Revolution, it is Tolerance. Beyond this it is also a journey into one’s own Soul!”

Cast & Credit

STORY – K.R. Meera
TECHNICAL HEAD – Sreekanth Cameo
LIGHT DESIGN – Anoop Poona
SET & PROPS – Pavi Sankar, Pradeep Ayiruppara, Ravi Sankar, Jijo Soman
MAKE-UP – Vinod
PROMO – Suraj Attingal
SUBTITLES – Jyothsna T.V.
STAGE MANAGER – Kulakkada Prasannan

Time Schedule

25th January 2020 @ 4:00 pm


KT Mohamed Regional Theatre

Director: Hazim Amaravila

On Stage

Renu Sounder, Reshma Kannamma, Shilpa Mohan, Arun Nayar, Santhosh Venjaramood, Kannan Amara, Reju Koliyakkode, Arun Nath Palode, Viju Varma, Amal Krishna, Sreenath Sreekumar, Akhil Padma, Arjun Gopal, Nevil S.B, Jayadev Ravi, Sanal Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Anandh Manmadhan Vinesh Viswanath, Sajeer, Vishnu Kailash S Bhavan