Note devolving on the following : ADRIAN SCHVARZSTEIN

1. World Theatre- new trends.
As a stage director and actor, I’m very much interested in new dramaturgies and specially site-specific shows, where the audience is an important part of the plot. Using the open spaces as a stage and a clear nonverbal language that make the theatre piece understandable to everybody and all ages.

2. Your national theatre- history and the contemporary scene.
I’m an international artist, born in Argentina, living in SPAIN, but working all over the world, so, I can’t really talk about my ” national ” theatre. I can say that more and more in Europe there is a need to break the distance between the stage and the audience, and I find that everywhere, people like to be surprised with plays that talk directly to their heart without the need of a specific theatre building. In Spain, we have open the door of the traditional theatre to Circus and site-specific shows, but there is a lot of work to do in order to change the traditional theatre conception and develop more and more the street theatre philosophy.

3. The place your theatre troupe/group occupies in this milieu.
In Catalunya where I live, my group Kamchatka is a reference of this kind of work, and myself with my solo’s street theatre shows where the main character is the audience, have influenced the major festivals and artists view of how to bring new dramaturgies to the public.

4. As a Director, your own views on new approaches to theatre and how the future should look like.

As I said before, we really believe in open the imagination of the audience and theatre institution as well cultural organisation ( political and none )  for the use of the public space as well non-conventional theatres to all kind of artistic expression , and to extend and include all kind of artistic disciplines in order  to tell a story to the public .

5. How all these ideas are connected to the concept of ‘Theatre of the Marginalized’ which is the basic theme of ITFOK 2018.

Well, for me is clear and simple, STREET THEATRE is the most democratic way of artistic expression because is open for everybody, and is inclusive, free for all audience and in the street, in direct contact with all kind of people, and of course all the possible marginalized human being.


Image Credits : Bejoys Vijayan