The International Theatre Festival of Kerala brings plays from different countries and different states in India to a common venue and provides an opportunity for exposure, learning and critical reflection for audiences.

While ITFoK focuses on showcasing contemporary Theatre, it also provides a platform for other folk and traditional theatre forms from Kerala and other parts of the country, for the advantage of audiences and the visiting groups from abroad in particular.

ITFoK aims to provide a truly interactive space between the participating/visiting artists and audiences. Apart from plays, seminars and workshops by eminent theatre practitioners and academicians, exhibitions, screening of films etc are important components of this festival. The interactive sessions with visiting directors on their play making process, design methods, and actors’ training systems provide a deeper insight and understanding of their theatre. Curatedwith a view of bringing different styles of performance makingunder one roof while addressing issues of current relevance with a focus on a particular theme, ITFoK has carved a singular niche among theatre festivals in India and abroad.