Synopsis of the Play:

The script is currently the most debatable and is relevant worldwide. It talks about the global link where every human can connect with each other and can see each other’s actions and activities live. The script is inspired by Edward Snowden’s revelation. The play talks about ‘Privacy’ of a human; analyses the private and public sphere of an individual.

The play Privacy is a story of a writer who is hiding all these years in her shell. She’s afraid of coming out in public and the social media. Heartbroken and after having a deep interaction with a psychoanalyst, she is determined to take on the world. She wants to write a play, meet new people, interact and experience their lives. Through the process of meeting she is introduced to the social media and technologies and learns how they are involved in surveilling. She unwraps herself in front of the society and eventually ends up meeting someone alike.

About the Director:

Ajay Khatri is a graduate from National School of Drama. He has guided numerous theater workshops. He has been a creative source of energy to young theatre aspirants of independent theatre groups ,school, colleges and NGOs. He started his journey in 2005 and directed many plays including Surya ki antim kiran se surya ki pehli kiran tak, Yayati, Illa, Komal gandhar, Sashtra santan, Khajuraon ke shilpi. He has worked on stage and designed lights in various national projects like Othello, Comedy of terrors, Arjun Partigya. His experimental work pieces include Sashtra Santan ,Hamlet, 1984, Big Mama`s funeral, Saturday Night and Privacy.


About the Group

Dir’Actors Studio is an active group in India which was founded in 2016 by Ajay Khatri who has directed many plays at national level and has been practicing art since 2005. The group is working on developing the culture of art, it has been associated with many universities and colleges.

Dir’Actors- like the name suggests is an amalgamation of a director and an actor . Our company thereby comprises of a group of enthusiastic theatre artists , trainers, teachers and musicians, practitioners who have been in the theatre field for years. Members of our groups include National School of Drama, New Delhi graduates .

Many acting workshops have been organized by the group. The group believes in contemporary art and experimenting with various artists of different field. Ranging from musicians, painters, dancers, photographers and animators. The group staged it’s first production ‘ Saturday Night’ in Delhi NCR.