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They are housemaids (kakak) who live under oppressed by their master and mistress. To overcome their oppression, they love to play this ‘ceremony’ of role-playing – they take turns to play the role of mistress – when the mistress is not at home.

When the ceremony is being played for many times, they started to get obsessed, and confused about who they really are – They didn’t realize that this ceremony gradually change them, give them power…… to cause the arrest of their master, and their murder plan……

About Director:

Soo Ming is an actor, director, playwright and theatre educator based in Sabah.  After graduating from ITI, he collaborated with acclaimed Taiwanese director, Stan Lai in his play, The Village (2008),  which toured around the world for more than 250 shows.  In 2012, Soo Ming founded PITaPAT Theatre in Kota Kinabalu, as a base to develop theatre arts in Sabah and discover methods of theatre creation with combining traditional theatre elements and contemporary theatre methods.

Soo Ming’s,  “An Enemy Of The People. At the Moment” and “ Kakak” has performed in Taipei’s Tua-Tiu-Tian International Festival of Arts (TTTIFA) in 2016 and 2017. The two plays has won four awards in KL’s 14th ADA Drama Awards including Best Director and Best Actress and three awards in 15th ADA Drama Awards including Best Actor and Best Actress.

About the Group:

PITAPAT  THEATRE was formed  in 2012 in Kota Kinabalu ,  Sabah.   Our  aim  is  to  undertake  relevant,  accessible  and  contemporary  theatrical projects  which  explore  the  multicultural  Malaysian  community  to increase consciousness  of  the social  issues.   Our  main objective  is  to increase the participation  of  people  from  our  multiethnic  Malaysia  in  all aspects  of  professional  theatrical  training  and  intensive  drama workshops.

Our works of theatre creations are mainly multilingual, which responds to the unique plural culture not only in Malaysia, but also the globalization of other parts of the world. Since 2013, we have been creating works adapted from classic plays such as works by Ibsen, Dario Fo, Jean Genet etc into modern context in terms to reconnect the classic and modern, the traditional and contemporary, the Western and the Eastern, and also to question what is our identity as a post- colonized state.

Mr Ginger Phoong Jin (Sabah State Assemblyman)
Mr Tan Lee Fatt (Sabah State Assemblyman)
Ms Poh Mee Kian
Ms Goh Tsui Mei


Performers Hau Guei Sze
Seng Soo Ming
Set Designer & Director: Seng Soo Ming
Sound Designer: Phoebe Tsen
Stage Manager: Jaslyn Niow
Lighting Designer: Nicxon Tan
Costume Designer : Seng Soo Ming
Yong Bee Fong