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DIRECTOR: Anna Dora Dorno


The performance is the most representative of the International Performing Arts project Rags of Memory. It’s an original and experimental composition with physical and vocal actions, live music and video projections. The scene is installed with three circles of light filled with symbolic elements: rice, soil, stones, water, and a timeless holy garden where a man and a woman, on stage or projection, perform mysterious ritual actions and songs, each time in an original and unique way. The performance is a metaphor of the circle of life where born, pathos and death represent a cyclic and repetitive path fixed in the eternity of the ritual.

About the Director

Anna Dora Dorno , Born in 1976 in Italy she graduated at the University of Bologna – Department of music and performance. In 2004 she founded the experimental theatre company Instabili Vaganti directing and acting in: Avan-lulu, special award of the Jury at the VI° International Festival of Theatre and Visual Arts Zdarzenia (Poland), The Ritual, result of a 10 years research project all around the world and performed at the 18 Bharat Rang Mahotsav in Delhi, Ausencia – Alone in the crowd, premiered at the 32° Fadjr International festival of Teheran (Iran), MADE IN ILVA, Nomination at the Total theatre awards at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2014 and winner of 10 national awards for the best performance, Desparecidos#43 based on the true story of the missing students in Mexico and winner of the patronage of Amnesty International. She holds workshops for performers in Universities and academies all over the world including Grotowski Institute in Poland, Shanghai Theatre Academy in China

About the Group

Founded in 2004 by the director Anna Dora Dorno and the actor Nicola Pianzola, the company focuses on experimental ongoing research in physical theatre and performing arts.

Instabili Vaganti works worldwide producing performances and directing projects collaborating with international artists, performers, musicians, and video makers. The company is continuing research on the actor’s craft, developing a pedagogical work method valued all over the world and requested in many universities and theatre academies. In the view of the company, the performer is one of the most important elements. Their presence is affirmed through their improved physical and vocal abilities, transforming their bodies in an instrument able to communicate with different artistic forms. A total theatre characterized by the organic flow of the action, the original dramaturgy, and music, the contamination with new media and visual arts. A poetic work which is able to communicate strong, emotional, impacting messa.


Region Emilia-Romagna
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